1998-2004 (R170) Won't start after battery change

Discussion in 'SLK-Class' started by John fryer, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. John fryer

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    My battery was flat on my Slk.
    Put a new battery on and it started then cut out and now on the dash the only light on when you turn the key is the SRS, and nothing from the engine as in it makes no attempt to turn over.
    All fuses checked and ok.
    Central locking works from both keys.
    All exterior lights are working.
    Although the radio now does not.
    Please please help.
  2. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    On those cars computer monitors the battery voltage and when it is too low, it will not activate the starter.
    You might have several issues, but the first thing is checking the battery voltage under the load.
    If you don't have the tester, display the battery voltage on the car and then turn all the lights on, observing the voltage drop.
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