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Discussion in 'Vito' started by tony fox, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. tony fox

    tony fox New Member

    Hi My 1998 Vito 2.3 diesel auto on occasions wont drive forwards or backwards the revs rise but there is no movement. The red warning light illuminates on dash. Sometimes I can leave the vehicle for an hour and then start it and all works normal. The last time it happened I had to call the grua truck and take it to garage. A couple of days later they started it and says it appears ok. This is very frustrating it has had new merc oil in the gearbox due to a faulty oil cooler loosing gearbox oil into the water radiator. Hence it has a brand new oil cooler/water rad.

    Any help would be great.. Cheers
  2. tony fox

    tony fox New Member

    Hi has nobody had this problem ??? Does anyone know if on the 638 model does it have a 13 pin adpator ??? or is that only newer models ??

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