Where is the battery in 2006 R350?

Discussion in 'R-Class' started by John White, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. John White

    John White New Member

    Hi, I bought a 2006 R350 few months ago and the car wasn't started for a few days and it isn't starting at all now. I am considering replacing the battery but can't seem to find it, I've checked in all the usual places? Help would be appreciated.
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  2. Harvey Quint

    Harvey Quint New Member

    In the R class, battery is located under the front passenger seat. I have attached a guide to replace it, but it involves some complex techniques and is very time consuming, so I suggest you go to a dealer if live near one.

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  3. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    FIY if you qualify for "Free MB roadside assistance" they will send service truck with new battery to your place and replace it for free.
    You still need to pay retail for the battery.
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  4. John White

    John White New Member

    Yeah, I would definitely give it a try. The towing process takes too much time and energy thanks!!!
  5. John White

    John White New Member

    Thanks for the help Man, I'll definitely look into it.
  6. IWantedaJag

    IWantedaJag New Member

    FWIW if you simply want to charge a flat battery, there is a +ve terminal provided on the right / starboard / US passenger / UK driver side under the hood, more or less next to where the hood hydraulic cylinder is attched to the frame, covered by a large-ish red plastic cover. There is also supposed to be a -ve terminal nearby too, although I'm darned if I can find it! You can recharge your battery by connecting to the +ve terminal I've described and by attaching the -ve charging lead to the terminal provided or if all else fails to just about any black wire termina, any part of the car chassis or engine block, preferably to an unpainted bolt head, as these are all "grounded" back to the -ve battery terminal.

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