Washer fliud leak.

Discussion in 'CLA-Class' started by Clarke Martin, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Clarke Martin

    Clarke Martin New Member

    Last night I filled the washer fluid in my car, and when I went to the garage in the morning, there was a huge puddle of water on the ground. What could be the issue?
  2. John White

    John White New Member

    Oh its a easy task. Just check the container or the pipe for a leak
  3. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    I would advise opening the hood first.
    Unfortunately, here on the internet we can help with generic knowledge and interpreting the pictures.
    SOMEBODY need to stick his/her head under the hood.
    There are several ways to track the leaks, but IMHO spraying baby powder in this situation might be the best.

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