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    Among the handful of things to do in the troubleshooting and exam of your tranny when you are seeing the telltale signs of a problem or a upcoming problem if you dont address a condition now. Begin with a check of the fluid level and condition. This is universally suggested...
    In perfect irony, you have to do it on a sealed and maintenance free, lifetime transmission. A string of bullshit of military purportions, only because it is not lifetime, not maintenance free nor can it be justly deemed to be sealed.

    Of no consequence except for the fact that the manual stops at this empty claim about the tranny and therefore provide no means or any written methods of doing what would be a routine simple and easy check of the fluid level.
    My question fellow benders is simply where, how, and can this widely suggested check be done on my 08 gl550, x164 chassis and I believe 722.9 drivetrain.

    Welcome the insight .

    Enlighten me please
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    For ATF level check you need to have it at 80C and open the bottom drain/check plug. If you have few drops coming, you are good, if not, you need to stick something (not your finger at 80C ) around the sleeve to read the level.
    For full service:
    -drain the fluid via plug
    -drop the pan and wipe it CLEAN
    -you should have converter plug, so open it as well
    -put everything back with new gasket and filter
    -refill with special adapter
    -drive (can be other day) till ATF reaches 80C and recheck ATF level.
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    Hello, and many thanks for your input and attention.
    My transmission issues have been a mystery and I am now today being told that I need a new transmission. This following a 370$ transmission service , and despite the fact that on a mbII odb2 scanner, there are no fault codes shown from the transmission. I'm not in limp mode, and all that is happening is a slow or irregular shifting mainly from 2nd gear. Apart from that, I have only a rough idle and a code for a a.c. compressor short.

    Absent from any transmission fault codes showing, I've recently had a battery die, and I replaced it, ive read this amongst the tranny possibilities,
    Where to go from here. ? I've no idea.

    My fears and concerns about what I would be told have come up.., over 590$, and three days, and best I can tell, I and up with an oil change , a transmission service, and the advise that I need a new transmission and my a.c. compressor is bad.
    I dont know what to do, what to think, or who is being honest or have been .

    Any chance you have further suggestions or insights?
    2008 gl550

    Standing by, hopeful and grateful for your input.

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