SL500 Battery Module

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    Hello all,

    Having got myself a red battery fault with 'Visit Workshop', I had the car in my workshop overnight and the smell of burnt Bakelite greeted me next morning, this gave me a clue to the fault so I went digging and found the fault.

    I’m pleased this unit is in a metal enclosure as I am sure a fire would have seen off my car.

    I now have two questions I would like to put to those who have been down this road also.

    1/ Would I be right in thinking this is just an age thing of the unit itself and a replacement makes this all go away or should I be looking at something else also?

    2/ As the fire looks to have started around a relay type unit within the housing, would a second hand unit give me an unknown life and so best to fit a new unit?

    Thanks for reading.

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