Seafoam Brake Booster Line?

Discussion in 'C-Class' started by ncp3708, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Hi, I'm sorry if this question has been answered before but my search came up empty.

    On my specific MY2002 does anyone know the safest place to put in the liquid seafoam? I have read two schools of though, one being just bypass everything and go with the straw in the intake manifold, or two which is find a vacuum line that supplies to all cylinders like the brake booster vacuum line. I have read diagrams that point to multiple places that can be used for vacuum to all cylinders but I'm nervous about hydro-lock and maybe even damaging MAF or MAP. Any advice? Anyone done this before?

    I do think i'm going to use the regular seafoam additive in the fuel and oil at the crankcase. Maybe half a bottle respectively. Otherwise I've read a whole can of the seafoam spray into the intake manifold after the MAF? Is there a better place to insert on my supercharged M111? I feel like spraying into the bypass valve right after the air filter would clean out the supercharger manifold as well? again worried about ruining that pricey MAF....
  2. Have used seafoam beffore by spraying it directly into the intake manifold. I wouldn't pour it through any vacuum lines. Especially known that the C class has two air paths. One for low rpm one for high. If you spray is slowly you aren't going to hydro lock the engine.

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