Radio, Keyfob & Fan speeds 6-10 don't work until car is running 20 minutes

Discussion in 'SL-Class' started by Paul Anthony Jan, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Paul Anthony Jan

    Paul Anthony Jan New Member

    I had BestBuy install a new top of the line Pioneer AVIC8201NEX w backup camera, Bluetooth and all the bells and whistles. Been back 5 times now because every morning the pioneer system, keyfobs and only the 5 higher settings of the climate control fan are off until the car has been running for about 20 minutes. It will run fine the entire day but starts all over again every morning. They've changed the power source every time and no luck. They now said to remove the radio fuse and if the keyfob and fan still doesn't work its not their fault. I did and the fan and keyfobs still don't work for 20 minutes. I'm sure its something they did. Everything worked fine before they installed the steering wheel harness and all the other wires. Has anyone else seen this or do you have any idea of what in this car might be related to fan, radio and keyfob recognition?

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