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Discussion in 'Diesel' started by Gilbert Hamblett, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Gilbert Hamblett

    Gilbert Hamblett New Member

    I have just had the first A service to my E 220 bluetec Night Addition.
    Only done 6000 miles. I'm told that when they drain the old engine oil they only get 6•75 of the old oil out, and 1•25 of the old oil is still in the engine to mix with the new oil...Is this true?
  2. That's usually the case with the Mercedes engines. You can never get all of the oil out. At least one litter will stay in the oil galleries, lifters etc.
  3. Kajtek1

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    1.25 l seem excessive, as usually it is 0.5 l, so confirm that with your manual or friendly Service Adviser.
    That said my Powerstroke holds like 2.5 l but it has high pressure oil pump with reservoir and huge V-galley.

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