2003-2009 (W211) Misfire

Discussion in 'E-Class' started by Alen, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hi! I have a 2007 E350 100k miles with a misfire issue I guess. When I start the car, engine runs fine for a few seconds and then starts misfiring or goes in limp mode. Check engine light flashes and the only code that shows up is P0300 & P0301. What I did so far..

    - Replaced Ignition coil #1 (had no spark before replacement) now it does
    - Swapped fuel injectors #1 to #2
    - Checked for any vacuum leak
    - Replaced crank sensor
    - New spark plugs
    - Checked signal at coils & injectors
    - Checked for any broken valve spring
    - Swapped cam sensors around
    - Fuses are fine
    - Removed upstream oxygen sensor and checked for a clogged cat.
    - Did a compression test 100ish around it looks low to me.

    Any help will be very appreciated. This car is driving me crazy!!!!

    Thanks for your time

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