Mercedes A170 not starting

Discussion in 'A-Class' started by Heathcliffe Petersen, Oct 4, 2016.

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    I am not familiar with A class, but sounds like your car is having gear shifter out of synch.
    It takes advanced scanner to have it reset. Meaning not just code reading, but program that will let you reset the points.
    Bottom line, you need mechanic with higher qualifications and better equipment.
  2. I have uploaded an image of the faults picked up on my automatic

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    Again, you need mechanic who understand those codes and knows how to deal with them.
    The computer tells you you have wrong variant coded. How did you get to this situation? Whoever did it, should backtrack the steps and fix it.
  4. The car was fine up until 4 months ago...when the starter nose broke inside box...opened it up..removed nose..and now was installing new starter....wouldnt crank up...when I turned the key...but if u run a wire direct to the starter to bridge cranks had the car plugged in...and those were the errors that popped up
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    Just looked at the pic really quick. Has anyone messed and tried programing on the car? On the last code there seems to be a misconfiguration on the transmission. In looks like in one control unit the car is programmed as manual and another as automatic.
  6. Nope..nody has touched the car since it was stripped...been laying in my garage until now
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    There are four different starters that will fit this car, but only two of them will work. You MUST ensure that the replacement starter has the same numbers as the original. Two have an external starter lock-out relay, two have the lock-out circuit built into the starter. I have heard of the trick of running a separate wire to the starter, but not done it myself.

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