Major Issue with my engine on my GL 350 diesel

Discussion in 'Diesel' started by Buyan Thyagarajan, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Buyan Thyagarajan

    Buyan Thyagarajan New Member

    I purchased an used benz GL 350 Diesel 2012 with 34,000 miles in 2015. I had crossed 55,000 miles on the car when I hit a snag. My car stopped on the road and i had to take it to a dealer. The dealer tells me now that the engine has to be replaced and it costs 16k at this point. I have an extended warranty on my car with WarranTech which is a rip off company. They are telling me that they would only pay if i open the engine. To open the engine, the dealer wants me to pay 2k which my warranty company is not paying. The dealer is telling me that even if i pay 2k to open the engine up, the warranty company will not pay and look for a reason not to pay. I am literally stuck at this point with no car wondering what to do?
    1. My car value according to kbb is 23k and I want to know the following. Even if open my engine , Is there any chance that the warranty company will pay me for this issue?
    2. I am prepared to sell this car but i cannot drive it and i have to tow it only. So is there any option for me to get some money back on this car? I invested 45k on this with no return.
    What have others done when their engine broke down on their benz car? Please let me know..
  2. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    MB diesels with 55k miles don't die just becouse.
    What was the inspection result?
    I hope you don't have a dealer who wants to take your $16k without inspecting the issue?
    Than if the insurance does not accepts dealer's inspection, they should pay for their own.
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  3. engineer

    engineer Member

    What's the real problem with the engine? What tests have been done? Does the crankshaft turn by hand? These cars don't die that easy at 55k miles.
    I hope you have been provided with better diagnostic results.

    You can sell it at a manheim auction as is. But you need a dealer license or a friend. Where are you located? I can tell you what they are going for.
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  4. Buyan Thyagarajan

    Buyan Thyagarajan New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I am located in New Castle Delaware. At this point, I am at the mercy of the dealer who tells me that the engine has a problem and needs to be replaced. Should i ask him for a diagnostic report? Do you know if there is a possibility of putting another used engine on my car and selling it? How do i find a good mechanic who would suggest me on this?
    Please tell me about this manheim auction where i can sell this car? I am in New Castle , Delaware USA.
    Thanks a lot for your help,
  5. engineer

    engineer Member

    Your car sells for around $24-$25k at dealer auction. If it was running and in good condition. I am talking here in the US. If you had to sell yours it will be non-runing and may only bring about 50%-65% of that depending on condition as well.

    Having bought more cars than I can remember here are your two best options. (To minimize your looses.)

    1. Buy a used engine. A quick search on shows that they are quite expensive actually. You will then need close to $2k to install it.

    2. You can sell the car yourself. Just post it on eBay as is, nonrunning. I think you may be able to get around $18-$20k. Since retail value would $30+, someone may buy it and fix it up. Whoever buys it can come and pick it up, tow it.

    But honestly what is wrong with your car? I am dying to find out. I wouldn't give up yet. Plus you have the warranty. Maybe get a lawyer to make a few calls.
  6. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    Don't paint yourself into the corner.
    If the dealer is not giving you troubleshooting report, gladly thank them for the service and have the car towed away to independent mechanic.
    Since they did not do inspection, they have no right to charge you, although it is hard to get out the car from the stealers without paying for at least 1hr of their time.
  7. engineer

    engineer Member

    Any update?
  8. vincent krebs

    vincent krebs Member

    every single mec will tell you exactly where the engine has gone wrong , it could be such things as water gone into the one or more cyls and has caused the rods (connecting rods) to bend or break , either from cyl head failure or water being sucked into the engine or fuel , or a engine getting too hot , diesels will fail because of this , 1100 dec is the melting point of a piston , what ever the reason of a failed engine , one would think would it not be better to buy a write off car of the same make ? for surely wrecking places would be around right ? how many would have been smashed up the back that would still have a decent engine ? engines would be around just one would need to l@@k. and what year is your make ? even a later model, surely a earlier model make engine would go in ? after all what ever failed on your engine not all sensors and parts are going to fail with it.

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