M272 engines and Mercedes Benz balance shaft engine issues in South Africa

Discussion in 'Gasoline' started by Benbza CT, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Benbza CT

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    As our cars are made at the Factory in East London, South Africa, do you also recommend that we avoid the years 2004 to 2008 for M 272 and M273 engines due to the balance shaft issues?

    Is the answer regarding the early 7 G Tronic boxes of the same years the same - avoid them or are they unaffected?

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  2. Kajtek1

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    MB publicized a note what engine numbers are affected by poor balance shaft and sure avoid those.
    Talking about global economy, you can bash South Africa, but on my MB I am finding parts made in Czech Republic, Poland, India, seems lately Behr parts come from China.
    As long as they pass MB quality control, I am fine with them.
  3. Benbza CT

    Benbza CT New Member

    Thanks Katjeki, I know thank you, I am trying to establish if it was a design or manufacturing error and whether it is a global or country specific problem.
    Can anybody help with the question?

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