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Discussion in 'V-Class' started by stodufix, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Hi, I 've got a 2007 vito campervan that I bought it just over 2 years ago. About 3weeks ago I took it to my local garage for a service and an mot. After I got it home, I left it for a week, and when I tried to start it in the weekend wouldn't start. It was like something drained my battery out, which I find it odd. I jump start it, and took it for a longer drive to recharge the battery. I tried to start it again next day and it did start but struggled. Looking inside the cab on the dash,I realised I can start my dvd player, lights, things that I couldn't start before with my key ignition off. I took it back to the garage explaining them that when I turn my ignition key in off position I can play the dvd lights, things that I could not do before, if they can fix it, they got my van for 2 days but couldn't fix the problem. Do you mind guiding me what shall I do? Thanks, much appreciated.
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    Don't know if you still have this problem or not, but I think you should get the car checked from another workshop as the problem seems to be faulty wiring. This could be a hazard in the future too, so get it checked immediately.

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