2006-2010 (W219) How reliable are Mercedes CLS models?

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    I am considering a CLS but am worried about the reliability. I am looking at a 2006 CLS500 are they any good?
  2. I have had one for 5 years with a good run untill:
    I replaced the disk pads and from here on it has been a bucket of worms.
    The sbc threw a hissy fit and the first issue is there is a brake application counter buried in its gizzards and that had to be reset.
    The local merc agent required me to re mortgage my house to get it fixed, I found an Ceylonese person who had the knowledge,
    Then a year later the SBC thew a fit and here ind over 5 grand but there are other sources off shore that get it down to about $1200 but the refit as a good days work.
    Buy a BMW far safer bet


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    One thing I learn about Mercedes brand - you better DIY or at least be able to research the problems, or mechanics will eat your 2nd mortgage in no time.
    Back in 1997 we bought newest technology ML320. Being 1st generation digital car- was a nightmare for owners as mechanics have been dropping $2000 part here, $1500 part there, while having no clue how to troubleshoot new stuff.
    That said our car after warranty period was not touched by professional mechanic and is all-time record serving the family for 13 years with about $300 in parts that needed to be replaced.
    Coming to purchase of 2006 model >>>> Inspect, inspect, inspect. If it is SBC equipped - have the pedal count read, so you know how much time you have till need to replace the pump for about $1000 part cost + whatever labor can cost you.
    For me -rotors are lifetime item, while Akebono pads last for about 200,000 miles (estimate as I did not own car that long)
    Good luck with your car shopping
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