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Discussion in 'GLK-Class' started by drucilla, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. drucilla

    drucilla New Member

    Wondering if the tutorial to change oil for the other Mercedes Classes will work just as well on my GLK 350 V6 SUV or is there a slight difference I should be aware of? It's almost time for my service B maintenance. Thank you.
  2. 8ch

    8ch New Member

    I've change my wife's 2012 GLK350 oil a couple times without issue, and found a video online describing the method to reset the service light. Keep in mind, there may be other recommended services that need to be completed besides the oil change that prompt the service B light. Changing the oil It was simple using a pneumatic oil extractor. Pulls oil through dip stick tube, and the filter is on the top/front of the engine. I was done in 10 minutes without ever crawling under the car. (Sorry I didn't take photos). If you dont have an extractor, you would need to jack up the car and remove a skid plate to access the drain plug. Always a good idea to replace the plug seal before replacing the plug. Hope this helps.

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