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    I want to do a soft reset on my audio system. I have a display but no sound, whether GPS, CD/DVD, AM or FM. I don't have the fuse layout. The diagram was not where is should be in the fuse box, nor was it in the tool box either. However, someone sent me a link that gave me the list of fuses for my car. However, I don't know where a fuse is located within a fuse box. I don't know which fuse is which.

    I called my local MB dealership and he gave me the fuses and locations, and they didn't agree with the fuses that were on the link from one of the forum members. Now what? I am really confused.... no pun intended.

    Can someone help me out? Seems like this should be so simple to find, yet all of my searches have resulted in zilch so far. Time wasted.

    Why can't I download this information. Why is MB keeping it a secret? I didn't have this type trouble with my BMW or Lexus.

    Oh well. Hopefully the correct answer will pop up.

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW it should read S550 4Matic W221
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