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    On my GLK350, the ESP INOPERATIVE message pops up even when the weather and road conditions are warm, dry and clear. When it occurs, the car looses power/acceleration. Pressing the gas pedal would not speed up the car; it would after a while. So far, whenever it occurred I was lucky to be able to pull over the car, and turn off and on. After re-starting the car, the ESP INOPERATIVE message goes away and the car drives normally. This has happened on high speed expressway as well. It felt very dangerous and unsafe since a truck was following closely behind. Fortunately, I was in the outer lane and was able to move over on the shoulder. Has anyone experienced the same safety issue? What was the diagnosis and how was it repaired?
  2. Vinod Patel

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    An update to above post - I had the car checked by dealership service. They diagnosed the problem to a loose connector that was not transmitting sensor data correctly. They cleaned and re-installed the connector. Hopefully it would take care of this safety issue. I'll update the post if it reoccurs.
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    Thanks for the update.

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