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Discussion in 'S-Class' started by Wickedlester, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hello, hoping someone can dumb down timing information i am trying to get my head round. I havea 87 300se W126,M103 engine. It recently started to develop a missfire and on investigation I found a vacuum hose disconnected which I reattached ( later found out the hose was for the ezy ignition control? The engine miss was still thereso i dida quick vacuum test and this indicated retarded timing. From what I have read up,and please anyone correct any of my presumptions,but the timing advance and retard is fixed because the distributer is fixed directly to the camshaft. I was planning on replacing the plugs,wires, diz cap,rotar and coil just so I know these are eliminated ( I have only have had the car 3 months now ) It starts first pop and is still driven daily but is not running sweet , if anyone has suggestions of what I should do please help.
    Thank you

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