Engine Blew up

Discussion in 'Gasoline' started by Carlos Goncalves, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Carlos Goncalves

    Carlos Goncalves New Member

    I own a 2006 SLK 350 with original 63,425 miles. On Saturday 03/11 the engine threw a rod and blew the engine.
    Because I love my Mercedes Benz I purchased a new engine from the dealer and replaced it.
    My question is: why a MB with so low mileage threw a rod? The car is always garaged, and did not drive through standing water on the road. This car is only driven when the weather is good and dry. I also own a AUDI and a BMW. My last AUDI was sold with 135 thousand miles without a problem. My BMW has 75000 miles with no problems. Please explain to me that such a high regarded automobile would have a problem like this. Your comments will be appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    Beside S**T happens, didn't your 350 had balance shaft issue?
    I had several MB with even 300,000 miles on odometer and never engine problem.
    My father is "finally" selling his 1987 300D , just shy of 300k. Drivetrain works perfect.

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