2007-2012 (X164) Electronic Gremlin

Discussion in 'GL-Class' started by Andre Otto, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Andre Otto

    Andre Otto New Member

    We have a 2009 GL500 with 200000km on. Recently the electronics has started acting up, intermittently. Sometimes there are no problems at all and then out of the blue things start going crazy.

    COMMAND system flashes on and off, red battery light flashes on dashboard, sometimes lights and indicators and power windows don't work.

    I spoke to a service technician at the local dealership and he suggested that I clean two of the SAM (Signal acquisition Modules). One in the trunk (right rear) and the one next to the battery under the driver seat. I did this and it has made no difference.

    Does anybody have any suggestions otherwise we'll have to take the GL to the dealership to find the problem and seeing as they are closing down it will mean a 100km drive to the closest dealership.

    Thank you
  2. Jerry McCarthy

    Jerry McCarthy New Member

  3. Jerry McCarthy

    Jerry McCarthy New Member

    The first order of business is to clean the battery posts...
  4. Andre Otto

    Andre Otto New Member

    Thank you, that has been done. New battery fitted, new voltage regulator fitted to alternator. Voltage tested at various points through out the car. Everything checks out as far as I can tell
  5. I would get the code using a diagnostic scanner that can read MB codes. The most likely cause that comes to mind is the SAM. Cleaning doesn't guarantee it will start working properly.

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