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  1. pts.of.authty

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    Hello my 1999 Cl500 AC works and adjusts on both sides, however the driver side will not get hot and always seems to blow cold. The climate control is diagnostics is reading code EB1234 which is the sun sensor. I have the sensor on order however reading through the forums it appears that it may not be the problem. I checked the DUO Valve and they are working correctly. Hoping it is not the servo controlling blend door flapper. Any Ideas?
  2. engineer

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    I don't think it is the sun sensor. If the duo valves are not the problem then it is most likely the controlling blend door/ flap actuators. Do you hear clicking under the dash when you turn ignition on?
  3. pts.of.authty

    pts.of.authty New Member

    I Don't hear any clicking under dash. When I change the temperature the only thing I notice is that the passenger side air flow changes from cold to hot, however the driver side only blows cold. I also noticed when trying to change the air vent flow (feet, defrost, and main vents) the climate control does not want to switch to main vents only. This car is new to me so I'm not sure if this is normal function or there is another issue with the climate control computer. Thank you for your quick response!
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    Sun sensor affects only flow direction when you have car on the sun.
    I think you have climatronic that allows sensor reading?
    If you spend about 90 seconds to read the sensors once in the morning before engine start and 2nd time when the engine runs at 80C, I can help with troubleshooting interpretation.
  5. pts.of.authty

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    Good morning thank you for your response.

    Car off

    1 46
    2 47
    3 47
    4 48
    5 46
    6 50
    7 3
    8 46
    9 0
    10 6.0
    11 1.4
    12 4.2
    20 0
    21 0
    22 0
    23 0
    24 11.9
    40 6
    41 3
    42 73
    43 136

    Car running

    1 46
    2 116
    3 40
    4 40
    5 39
    6 187
    7 12
    8 108
    9 6
    10 6.0
    11 .9
    12 4.0
    20 0
    21 6
    22 0
    23 0
    24 14.3
    40 6
    41 3
    42 73
    43 136
  6. Kajtek1

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    Your #2 , what should be outside temp sensor shows 116F, what made your system to activate AC.
    When the temperature changed from 47 and what was actually outside?
    Also what temp you had preset?
    For clima test I need only 1-8 sensors, however your battery shows low as well.
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  7. pts.of.authty

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  8. pts.of.authty

    pts.of.authty New Member

    Good evening I just got a new battery as the old one was bad. I just redid the test and these are the results. Thank you again for all your help!

    Ambient temp 65 heat turn to 72 both sides
    1 68
    2 68
    3 67
    4 83
    5 57
    6 93
    7 8
    8 96

    Engine running
    1 75
    2 116
    3 77
    4 155
    5 41
    6 180
    7 13
    8 114
  9. Kajtek1

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    Your outside temperature shows 116 again, so is it car running, or engine running?
    When you keep engine idling without moving, the sensor will get heat from the engine, so you need to observe what is going on with it.
    Than on last readout you have one heat exchanger at 155, the other at 77, what could be not closing duovalve or confused computer.
    Check the issue with outside sensor and repeat the readouts.
    You can drive with #2 sensor on the display and observe how the reading change from 68 to 116F.
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  10. rfprice

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    Hi Kajeck1,
    First, newbie to Vegas from So Cal and since your profile says you're also in Vegas then you understand intensely
    the need for A/C.
    I have read through this post and will provide sensor readings, hoping you can help.

    Driver side always warm.
    Passenger side cold, great!

    So, should I purchase A/C recharge kit now or wait for your diagnosis when I send you the sensor readings?

    Thank you so much!
  11. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    Do the test, but do it right.
    For some reason members come with incomplete data and expect good results.

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