Coolant Fan , AC compressor, problem they both share?

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    My serpentine belt broke and upon inspection when going to replace the belt, I noticed a large chunk of the pulley for the AC compressor was missing and therefore I took this as the root of the problem. Being seemingly easy to replace, what with its location and the fact that it was essentially removing one bolt, I DIY'd the repair.

    I quickly discovered just why the dealership typically charges more than 1000$ in labor alone for anything related to the AC compressor., long story short, you need to dismantle the entire front end of the vehicle to access the component sufficiently to repair.

    in short, the pulley was fused to the bolt that must have been stuck to the earth itself, because in NO WAY, AT ALL was it able to be removed(the pulley I mean). Ultimately opted to replace the entire compressor as the one I worked on was at this point, handles and beat to death I figured.

    Following every detail of qualified instructions I replaced the compressor, and reassembled the radiator, fam, grill, soft parts, lines hoses, ect., and the serpentine belt. All went as expected and hoped for as it starts runs and belt is smooth.

    However,..., and herein lie the problem I bring here..., the coolant fan and the AC compressor do not kick on.

    Whatever the issue, be it relay, be it coolant system flow, or compressor related issue, whatever it is it is mutually tied to the fan and the compressor. That said, my research brought two possible or likely causes.
    1. a code must be cleared following the repair or the reinstall of one or both the compressor or the coolant fan.
    2. a sensor at the block related to the coolant temp has failed.

    in either case the one malfunction is preventing the other from running properly.

    coolant reservoir is full, and hoses are firm when running. The vehicle starts and will run and slowly the temp rises when not moving (ie: air flows across the radiator is not occurring.) All this time the fan will not or does not run at all.

    the fan plug is showing 12v at the plug.,

    the compressor pulley is turning with the serpentine belt when the engine is running. when turning the AC on in the cabin, the compressor (AC cooling indicator on the LCD is not shown) confirmed when looking at the compressor.

    research tells me that a code may require clearing for one or the other to work and without it being cleared, these codependent parts will not function. this was further suggested in the AC charging where the PSI was alarmingly high, prompting me to cease the full charge for the moment. I was advised that without full operation, the compressor not running, explaining the high Freon pressure at charging of the AC with 134a.
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    I'm having a similar problem with my ac compressor. Did you ever solve your problem? If so what did you do to get the compressor to kick on? Thanks
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