CLS500 does not start.

Discussion in 'CLS-Class' started by Clarke Martin, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Clarke Martin

    Clarke Martin New Member

    My CLS500 fails to start sometimes. The problem is only at times though, other times the car starts flawlessly. I don't know the cause of this problem and would like to get some help from you guys. Many thanks.
  2. Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee New Member

    You should try replacing the ignition relay. I had the same problem with another car of mine, got it checked from the dealership and they replaced the relay. Hadn't had an issue with starting again until May when I sold my car. :)
  3. Chrislaw1968

    Chrislaw1968 New Member

    I had the same problem on mine , i changed both batteries , the brake light switch and then the starter , out of sheer luck i found out when i disconnected the gear shifter module it would start every time , plug it back in and it wouldnt start .
    I think the module is losing its memory , as most of the time it will start , however sometimes it wont and i have found that if i move the shifer lever between drive and neutral it will start , i ended up taking the lock out levers out to be able to do this .
    Is the gear shifter module coded to the car .

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