CD/DVD player is not working, clicking noise for 15-30 seconds after startup

Discussion in 'R-Class' started by goldenguy, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. goldenguy

    goldenguy New Member

    While the car is shut off, the DVD/CD player 'clicks' like it is trying to pull in/reject a disc. After putting key in and starting up the noise stops. CD player of course does not work.

    Any suggestions? Mercedes suggests a new Command Center for $2500 which I do not want to do. Am considering having my shop send Command Center to Jimmy Chen, Alpine Auto Sound in New Jersey. He say he can repair $350. Any references on Jimmy?

    Have tried talking to MandB Specialists in Pompano Beach FL, but cannot communicate with him (cannot understand him), which makes me nervous about sending my CC down there with a blank check.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

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