Bilstein B6 Strut Dust Boots and Bump Stops

Discussion in 'GLK-Class' started by 8ch, Mar 28, 2017.

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    I purchased new heavy duty Bilstein B6 struts for the front of my wife's 2012 GLK350 4Matic They shipped without boots or bump stops. Removed factory struts, compressed springs (scary!), and the differences became very evident. Factory boots and bump stops could not be reused due to larger diameter shaft on B6 struts. Sadly, I was forced to reinstalled the worn factory struts because I couldn't leave the car overnight on the borrowed lift. Research revealed B6 apearantly have internal bump stops. That leaves the boots to question. Can't seem to find them for sale anywhere online. Do I install the struts without boots? We live at the top of a rough 5-mile long dirt road, and it seems boots would be appropriate under these conditions. If I need them, does anyone know where to get them? Thanks!
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    Today, I spoke with the vendor who ordered and sold me the Bilstein B4 struts. They called Bilstein, confirmed they have internal bump stops, and said they do not manufacture boots for these struts. In fact, they are supposedly so effective at self cleaning, that boots are not necessary. Wish I had known this when I originally attempted installation. So it looks like I'll have a local shop install the coil springs on the new struts without boots. Hopefully this information helps someone else out.

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