Best scanner for a 2002 E320, W211

Discussion in 'Mercedes Diagnostic Scanners' started by mrprolix, May 15, 2017.

  1. mrprolix

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    I take care of all of the family cars and I am looking for an OBD2 reader for my sons 2002, E320, W210, which seems to be a little but of a morphodite. I've done a lot of checking and I'm still unclear which ones will work an a 210. I am assuming that I will need to buy a 38 pin adapter cable, that's fine, but what reader is the best for a W210 in the $100-300 range? I would prefer a standalone, handheld unit, if possible. I want to have full engine/drivetrain, brakes, body, etc. capability. I don't need compatibility with anything but this particular car.

    Thanks, Andy
  2. mrprolix

    mrprolix New Member

    Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks, Andy
  3. Kajtek1

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    Go to main page, scroll down and you will find scanner section.
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    So far after research this is the best scanner I found for mercedes that's also the most comprehensive and cheapest with all the functions.
    AUTEL DS808

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