battery dead?, beeping without key even in ignition..

Discussion in 'GL-Class' started by Lauderdaler, May 2, 2017.

  1. Lauderdaler

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    just recently replaced the battery, has been fine since, now in the overnight, the battery seems to have died? stranger still is the beeping tone upon opening door even without key in ignition., I get nothing when I do try the ignition, I mean nothing.., on the display, no sound,, nothing.

    08 x164 GL550
    Any insight or ideas what this could indicate about how or why this has occurred?

    Many Thanks
  2. Install a new battery or fully charge the one you have and reconnect it. Then try to see if the problem still exists. You may have a bad EIS module or a parasitic drain problem. You will need a good scanner to retrieve the codes.

    Have you tried anything so far?
  3. Lauderdaler

    Lauderdaler New Member

    Did, and you drained dead hint proved to be. Now that is known, I tracked a code via icarsoft mb II scan, returned a 9006 compressor short circuit. AC blows but no cool and no 'MAX COOL' on display of ac to indicate compressor is running. Is this a possible fuse or relay?, . I have replaced the compressor but have yet to charge with 164a yet fully as the pressure reading is over 100psi when I try, I assume is because the compressor has not / is not circulating the gas charge as it must , as is required...?
    Any ideas? How to find the short?
    Do you think if I can find it and correct it, that might be the reason for my difficulty?

    Sooo grateful for your help.

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