Alternator issues

Discussion in 'S-Class' started by Rags, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Rags

    Rags New Member

    We just purchased a used SLK 350
    Hardtop convertible
    We had it looked at just to make sure we were not buying a lemon
    Now we are told that erratic low voltage from alternator shows up
    We called the pre-owned dealer and was told Mercedes does this all the time - no worries
    Car runs great all options working great BUT should we worry or who to believe
  2. Kajtek1

    Kajtek1 Awesome Member

    What year. mileage?
    The low voltage message on the cluster means the alternator is not charging. Common at higher mileage are alternator brushes just hanging, giving intermittent message till they die permanently.
    Sold with Voltage Regulator assembly is cheap part, but depends on the engine, couple hr of labor.
    And no, there is nothing normal about error messages.

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