Airmatic suspension issue

Discussion in 'R-Class' started by Khuram, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. Khuram

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    Hi I have got r320 cd1. Overnight my car used to drop. In the morning it said wait briefly. It took 2 minute to fully rise. On Sunday it was took over 6 minutes. I took to garage they changed valve block and rear right airbag. It kept cutting off. When done diagnostic check it said check rear hieght adjuster for airbag. Replaced that. It still does not rise from rear. Compressor is running and says visit workshop.
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    I think Airmatic issues call for separate section, as the identical system is used on several models.
    Did the shop do sensor readout?
    The issue with Airmatic is that several failures can end with same symptoms and with no monitoring system you can keep dropping-in parts for high cost.
    When whole rear is dropping, that would indicate valves leaks and it take 3 leaky valves to empty 2 bags.
    Still without monitoring the system pressure it is all wild guess. Not having SD scanner at the time, I added pressure gauge on main air line, what help me a lot in troubleshooting.

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