Air Suspension Control Solenoid Valve - Any Way to Test?

Discussion in 'R-Class' started by IWantedaJag, Jul 29, 2017.

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    I am having trouble getting my air springs to re-inflate after replacing one of them. I suspect it's either the solenoid valve next to the compressor blocking air flow or one or both of the level sensors. Not sure which yet, but I want to bench test the solenoid valve if I can, rather than just shell out $200+ and hope for the best. The compressor is working fine BTW.

    Is there a way to bench test the solenoid? Either by taking ohms readings with a multimeter or by jerry-rigging some wires to a battery and seeing if it opens? What do the wire color codes correspond to? I presume the black one is the ground, and the other two swing the valve left or right, or if not charged, to a central detent position.

    Can help?


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