Air condition doesn't work when hot out

Discussion in 'C-Class' started by RayJay70, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. RayJay70

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    Hi I have a Mercedes clk230 2001 when I check the pressure with the gauges it's at 30 on the low side my wife says it's not working so I had a can and started adding by the direction, not my first time, the air is cold while filling but the gauges doesn't not move over a half of can more and it doesn't move why, is it to much? the car is cold when I'm working on it, but when my wife drive it, she says it's not working blowing hot air. what could be wrong help help help thank you: Rayjay
  2. Kajtek1

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    What gauges are you using?
    What high side is reading?

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