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Discussion in 'E-Class' started by Brucci504, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Brucci504

    Brucci504 New Member

    So I dropped off my car at mercedes and was told it was a compressor
    Put in a compressor now blows hot air when before blew cold just took a few mins
    So now I'm stuck like what to do
  2. vincent krebs

    vincent krebs New Member

    I get so use to models where the AC button has a little light where if the light is on means compressor is pumping
    so the other day started working on the e270 cdi where it had EC button , I thought yeah light is on so air con pump must be on
    so I lifted the bonnet looked down and saw the clutch on the compressor was not on mmmmmm looked at the fuse , not blown , why would it not be running ? checked the system with my manifold for air con , plenty of gas ? what the ? I then turned off the EC button so the light went out . and then checked the compressor WOW it turned on . go figure ? if you had the compressor replaced , they also need to be vacuumed and regased, but why not turn on your system and check under the bonnet to see if the compressor clutch is on (centre of the pump will turn ) if not then check to see if the fuse is blown , if not blown take it back where the compressor was replaced and ask why they did not regas it .

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