a180 automatic gerabox problem

Discussion in 'A-Class' started by DrStefan, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. DrStefan

    DrStefan New Member

    i have a mercedes a180 with automatic transmision problem. when i start the car and i start driving, the gearbox wont come out of 1st gear until we reach 20km/h. when i reach 20km/h it goes in 2nd gear. but the car is going very slow til 20km/h. i can press the pedal to max but car is takeing speed veeeeery slow... rpm's can go til end but car is going very slow... when i get 20km/h. it goes in 2nd gear and it runs normaly and in3 and 4 works perfectly... shifting up and down its great. but when i stop and try to start from 0km/h agin the same problem... What seems to be the problem?
  2. engineer

    engineer Member

    Sounds like valve body issues. Have you scaned the codes from the TCU?
  3. DrStefan

    DrStefan New Member

    i have scaned with mb star c4 but no errors on transmision... what is VALVE BODY???

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