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    My A170 failed a warrant of fitness check due to wear in a arms at rear plus a front wheel bearing .
    I had a non MB agent do the repairs (apparently they swapped complete bits from a donor car )

    A front wheel bearing was done also. When I got it back the ABS and bast light was on .I put it up on a hoist and had a look but could see nothing wrong eg loose or damaged sensors or loose plugs etc
    We changed the oil in trans .
    Tried tricks like disconnect battery etc It would also go into limp mod after getting up to around 80k
    I tried turning wheel from lock to lock which worked but would then reacur .took it to auto elect who tore his hair out as it all seemed OK bit found if faults were cleared and scanner left connected to car it did not go into limp mode .

    Auto elect man walked away from job so we
    Cleaned steering column shaft ,found a small hose of from rocker cover which seemed to connect to a small block on ABS pump
    The car then drove OK didn't go into limp mode but light still on but after three short runs (26 k ) prob returned
    Have booked car into another guy
    As I have traded this car in .It has done big ks and I'm not getting much for it so dont want to spend much on it .
    I havnt traded it in at a MB agent so won't be getting dealer to look at it
    Any ideas?

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