2004-2012 (W169) A160 (W169)Starter Motor/Flywheel

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    Car was towed to supplying dealer (Evans Halshaw) on 12th December 2015 with what I believed to be starter motor problems. They told me the starter motor was OK and started straight away. I drove it back home and yes it refused to start later that day. It was then towed back to them on 15th December and they apologised and said yes the starter motor was at fault and had been replaced under the extended warranty that I had purchased.
    On 23rd December 2016, the car failed to start again and the RAC thought it was a starter motor problem, and towed it to my local garage. After Xmas they stripped it down and the starter motor dog gear had disintegrated, the head of the casting had sheared off and everything had disappeared in to the gearbox, with the flywheel disintegrating as well. Does anyone have an opinion on how this might have happened and should the dealer have checked the flywheel when they replaced the starter 12 months ago. I am unable to identify the manufacturer of the starter motor as there are no labels or identifying marks on it.

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    Ask dealer how many starters they replace every year?
    That kind of failure is very rare and today's technicians can't see much behind keyboard, so I would not expect too much.
    I am old enough and driving Fiats back in Poland had to deal with starters on annual bases, but have never seen such failure.
    My first guess was that some kind of hard object got between starter and flywheel and that is why it was catching for couple of times before whole thing grenade.
    Good thing you have warranty.

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