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    Today I became a member and this is my first post. Back in March 2017 member 8ch posted that the fuse box needed to be replaced to solve his problem but, he did not say why they replaced the fuse box and which one they replaced. Whether or not they had to re-program any thing. I am experiencing the exact same problem and have done a lot of research trying to understand what the cause is. Some information has suggested it is a communication fault in the CAN system. Suggested failures could be in the negative battery cable sensor, the pre-fuse junction block and finally the fuse and relay panel in the engine compartment and these all work in conjunction with each other but, I don`t know for sure which one it could be. So, if you`re still out there 8ch I was wondering if you would share with us what they showed on your receipt or what they actually did to correct your problem. NOTE: I learned that a temporary fix is to run a jumper wire with fuse taps from fuse #3 to fuse#17 which is circuit 30G. This is NOT a permanent answer to the problem but it does provide fused power to circuit 30G. Thanks

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