2008 R350 4MATIC w/COMAND NTG2 - Broken Screen

Discussion in 'R-Class' started by Tracy H, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Tracy H

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    We have a 2008 R350 4MATIC with a COMAND NTG2 System. A loose 4 x 4 in the cabin resulted in a broken LCD screen. Is there anyway to replace just the screen? Or does the entire unit need to be replaced? There appears to be a part number under the screen: BN971034, but it could be for the unit or the bracket. Photos are attached.

    Thank you!

    20160920_090352.jpg 20160920_151310.jpg 20160920_151320.jpg 20160920_090226.jpg
  2. Kajtek1

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    Mercedes quit selling assemblies cheaper than $600 years ago.
    You need $20 rack seal, you have to shave 2 grands for whole assemble.
    I am not even sure you can replace screen only, but only hope would be junk yard.
    Where I go, we do get W211 from time to time, but so far only prelift.
    Would you be able to check if pre and post lift used the same screens, I can keep you in mind next time I go "shopping"
    Good thing the 4x4 ended in the screen, not in your head. ;)

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