09 E350 P0301 issues

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    Hello my name is Cody and I have a 2009 Mercedes-Benz e350 85,XXX miles. So I purchased it just last month and about two weeks into owning it. Ended up throwing P0301 cylinder 1 misfire replaced the spark plugs and turns out the ones I pulled were the original factory MB plugs. Drove it, light came back on same thing P0301. Now I went and purchased factory OE coil packs also new air filters and replaced everything. I do have a alright scanner which runs a health check indicating green, yellow, red for the overall running condition.

    So anyways I started it up and ran GREAT took for a ride drive great I felt good about the repair. Also just so I’m clear the vehicles always ran really well. The issue is when you’re in drive you let off the gas it has like a putter until you hit the gas and start going and it goes away. Like if you pulled up to a stop sign let off the brake it would putter a little bit until you accelerate it and then it’s smooth. So I didn’t have any of that going on after I replaced the coils and double check everything in the engine bay for tightness and making nothing was loose.

    Now I get back after the drive run the health scan on the vehicle and I get a green light telling me everything’s running perfect. Then I shut the vehicle off started back up run another health check and I get a yellow light. So I turn the vehicle off again turn it back on while it’s running into another health check I get a red light. Then the putter is back you let off the brake let the car do its thing and it like jitters and then you hit the gas drive off and it goes away. Besides that it’s more of an annoying feeling in the car until you hit the accelerator and everything’s fine. Just very confused on what to do I’m thinking I might be a faulty cylinder 1 fuel injector. I need help.

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