Battery/alternator visit workshop

Discussion in 'Vito' started by Rich, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Rich

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    So I was driving and the battery symbol on dash came on along with the batter/alternator visit workshop, the AA guy diagnosed it as over charging as it was getting 16+ volts. Now I have changed the battery and alternator both for new although battery was drained flat. Once van started it was running at 14 volts so alternator is all good now but now the head lights permanently stay on no matter what position switch is in, indicators , wipers and stereo all not working. The battery is on charge and it keeps flashing interior lights on and headlights on dim. The battery symbol on dash is still on along with message.
    Any ideas please?
  2. Kajtek1

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    Check Codes
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  3. engineer

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    Kajtek1 is correct.
    You need to get the fault codes read. It may be a defective control unit such as the SAM.

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